Funding Request: Other topics 2023

Topics brought up in the team discussions for 2023 not related to Neos 9

With defined budget:

Feel free to add topics if I missed some.

Details to the individual topics see below in comments.

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t3n/neos-debug rewrite

I want to finish up a first version of my t3n/neos-debug rewrite in the next months. The plugin is unmaintained and Johannes and me weren’t able to move it before his departure from t3n to Flowpack or Neos. I wasn’t able to get any response from the repo owner.
In the last year I rewrote the frontend part as webcomponent with Preact and TS. This makes it integrate nicer with projects and easier to develop further.
Most features are working again and I already added some more improvements.So the next step would be the rewrite of the PHP and implement some of the following ideas:

  • add extensibility to track custom metrics during rendering
  • find a way to add the debug infos to the html document in a better way (currently sometimes affects/breaks the rendering)
  • make it safe to use it on demand in production environments
  • add recommendations
    • check http headers (e.g. is data gzipped?)
    • cache blocks that could be global
    • highlight the blocks with the most impact
  • implement something like a “debug session” to temporarily store results while working on a page to compare the changes
  • maybe connect it to Flowpack.Fusion.Tracing somehow to create a full “performance profile” of a page that can be downloaded
  • Neos 9 compatibility (?)

Budget 3.000€ (will not cover the time, but I also look for customer/community sponsoring)


Remaining 3.000€ for the Neos UI environment upgrade from 2022

See the discussion on Budget allocation December 2022 - #16 by rolandschuetz
And last years application on Funding Request: Upgrading the Neos UI development environment

We decided for the 7.000€ instead of 10.000€ and postponed the remaining budget to this year.

So 3.000€ for @markusguenther @Marc and @sebobo for the mentioned Neos UI work.

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The money would be used to continue the work on the presentational components for the rebranded Website. With that, we will be able to integrate the node types and start asap with the content-creation

Budget 5.000 € (will also not cover the time, but will be an important boost)

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