Hosters (SharedHostings) supporting running Neos

(Rene Rehme) #42

You can add Hetzner (all Managed Server). We run about 30 neos websites without any problems there.

(Robert Lemke) #43

Also add Flownative Beach, which is a Platform as a Service specifically designed for Neos and Flow.

It runs on Google Cloud Platform in the E.U., has support for Redis, Elasticsearch, automatic SSL certificates, manual or auto-scaling and more. And since it’s run by @christianm, @kdambekalns and me, it always has proper support for the latest Neos and Flow versions. And some friendly support, too :wink:

(Markus Pfeifenberger) #44

We have small projects running on DomainFactory, so it works. A plan with SSH support needs to be taken.