[IDEA] Evangelism initiative: Bi-weekly Troubleshooting

I will like to propose an idea.


I’m the sole developer on a couple of projects, sitting in a office where there is only a few other programmers. Sometimes I have some challenges with a project build in either the Flow Framework or Neos CMS. I tend to go to either Slack or discuss.neos.io for asking questions. And I get my issue solved and I’m back on track. I check Slack and Discuss frequently for questions and help out where I can and get to help alot of people.

But I would really like to talk to each and everyone of them. Here what they are working on, here if I can help them, here if they can help me, ask questions freely about how to start this new project where you have to integrate System A and B, how to organize package, should I try eventsourcing, why is my cache messed up or maybe “What do you if you loose motivation for a task”, “How do you keeop organized when developing”.

The idea

I came to the idea of having a bi-weekly “Community and Troubleshooting” call. A 1 hour max(!) public Google Hangout the same day and time, where everybody can join, ask and help each other. The video will be available via YouTube afterwards.
A great way of meeting the community, get to know new people and be able to isolate time on troubleshooting your project and get even better! And make other better.
What if the call can’t help solve the issue? Then we have a task of helping them create a post on discuss.neos.io if they haven’t already done that.

People and responsibility

I will be responsible for setting up the bi-weely call, I will be present, I will be pinging on different channels, I will post a brief resume with the YouTube link afterwards.

What is needed

  • Participants that will like to ask the questions
  • Participants that will like to help other
  • [perhaps some third and fourth thing that I missed]

When could it start?

Bascially next week.

What should I do?

  • First of all, give some sort of feedback on the idea (emoji, text, video…)
  • Once the date is set, add it to your calendar, help make buzz and participate when possible
  • [perhaps some third and fourth thing that I missed]

I like it. Not strictly evangelism as it mostly targets people that are already in the community but still a good initiative. When I have time I can surely pop in.


I like the idea! :slight_smile:
Can’t tell if I’ll be able to attend twice a week but I’d like to try to attend once a week.

It will be bi-weekly, so once every two week :slight_smile: At least, that is what I meant :smiley:

Also thinking of a better name than “Community Troubleshooting” - it’s not the community that we are troubleshooting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, sorry, my bad.
Maybe “Neos Developer’s exchange” or something like that?


I like the idea, I’m just hoping that it will also be accessible for people in timezones other than the European timezone. I’m +10 hours from Europe (Melbourne - Australia)…

A lot of times I find it hard to participate during the European office hours…

To prevent ambiguity in regards to bi-weekly, you’ll probably wanted to use “fortnightly” :smiley:

Hi @m.kuiphuis

I’ll gladly try and find a good time or change the time to be more fitting :slight_smile: If you feel like it, you can do this kind of “Developer Exchange” for a time that fits your timezone - I’ll be glad to participate! And I’ll even come visit you in Melbourne, if we can find out about that :wink: (went to Australia once in 2005 - really want to go again)

Nice idea! And we could record the sessions (if all participants agree) to make them available to folks who couldn’t join

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Sorry for my late reply. Due to having 10 hours time difference in the European summer and 8 hours difference in the European winter, early mornings in Europe would personally suit me best if I attend. (preferably let’s say until midday in Summer and 10AM in winter)…

But if that doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out and I will gladly look at the sessions recording (if the participants agree :D) Thanks Bastian. Great suggestion.

Hi @m.kuiphuis :slight_smile:

I’m all in for early morning talks - could also serve as a great way to get your day started, by getting that issue solved you might have :slight_smile:

Please hold me accountable on trying a early morning edition after the first online meetup in next week - more people might also be able to participate if it’s work related :slight_smile:

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