Is it possible to install Neos in shared hosting?


Is it possible to install Neos in shared hosting and if the case may you provide a link with the instructions?

The documentation I have found shows how to install the container as root, something I am not familiar with. Typo3 can do it easily.

Thank you

Hello Andrea,

this should be no issue caused by shared hosting. It depends more on the specs.
But if you have ssh access it should be doable.

If you use something like Uberspace (also shared hosting) it works fine. So it depends more in the hosting specs itself.

Neos works on almost any shared hosting, just needs a bit more RAM than some others CMS.

You can find a topic on that here Hosters (SharedHostings) supporting running Neos


it depends a bit on the hoster. “” for example wont work.

For the latest Neos7.1 you need to have also a compatible database (f.x. mysql 5.7.7)
These are all the system requirements:

If you give us a hint which hosting/plan you are using, maybe i can help you out.

(i just installed neos 7.1 successfull on “” - with one minor change in flow regarding open_basedir BUGFIX: Avoid open_basedir restriction with realpath by mhsdesign · Pull Request #2491 · neos/flow-development-collection · GitHub)