"Layout files could not be loaded" error loading Media Browser Interface on Neos 4.1

after the update to the latest Neos 4.1.1 (Neos.Media & Neos.Meida.Browser accordingly), I’m encountering the following error when I try to load the Media Browser interface from content property interface (where you choose existing media for contents):

The layout files "resource://Neos.Media.Browser/Private/Layouts/Default.html", "resource://Neos.Media.Browser/Private/Layouts/Default" could not be loaded.
Exception Code	1225709595
Exception Type	Neos\FluidAdaptor\View\Exception\InvalidTemplateResourceException
Thrown in File	Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_FluidAdaptor_View_TemplatePaths.php
Line	279
Original File	Packages/Framework/Neos.FluidAdaptor/Classes/View/TemplatePaths.php

This issue is not present on previous 4.0.7 version.

Anybody else encountering the same problem? Shall I open an issue?


Aftere further digging it seems that the problematic bit is this endpoint


when I try to access it by clicking on the camera icon for example when I want to choose an image node property.

Any ideas what could be generating this issue?

I could reproduce it on 4.1.0 and 4.1.1.


Well it is a bit broken. It looks for the layout inside ```resource://Neos.Media.Browser/Private/Layouts/Default.htmlwhile the layout files are inside Module subfolder resource://Neos.Media.Browser/Private/Layouts/Module/Default.html`

The bug itself is fixed, we will probably release 4.1.2 soon so that it gets pushed out to users.

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One question out of curiosity, for the sake of better understanding: I do see even version 4.1.3 inside github releases and even on packagist, but that same version has not the fix included.
What am I missing here (I’m sure I’m missing something)?

Thanks again,

Oh, sorry, wasn’t aware we were this far with patch releases already. Whichever next patch version comes out will contain the fix, as it is has been merged into the 4.1 branch yesterday: https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/pull/2171

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No problem, I just wanted to get it right :grin:


@ilCerchiari - we have a problem with the release management ATM, see Media browser bug in Neos 4.1.1 is fixed, release pending

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Thanks for the update and no problem at all, we’ll keep the 4.0.* version a little longer.


Now fixed with 4.1.6

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