Login background image proposals

this is for collecting ideas for the Neos login background image.

In general it would be cool if we found an image that comes from within the Neos community rather than using a stock image. If we can’t find something in time we can “fallback” to unsplash. If it works out maybe this can be made the official way of finding an image :wink: In my personal opinion using community images would be way cooler than using stock.

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Last release we had the idea of northern lights for it. As that was a summer release we skipped it and thought about doing it in this release.
Something like:


Here are some personal images that could work as background for the login screen :wink:

For me it seems black and white also works really nice. For the current release it might makes sense to have something related to winter?

An idea that just came up: combine a snow picture (3rd from top!?) with the northern lights based on time of day :wink:

I’d also vote for a winter image with norhtern lights. Maybe this one would also fit:


I have a friend that is shooting really stunning pictures.
I’ve just talked to him and we could use his images if we place a link to his website in the release notes.
His image blog can be found here: https://pascals.exposure.co
He shot a lot of pictures of northern lights: https://pascals.exposure.co/aurora-borealis


Tim Stief (he’s working also at dotpulse) made these pictures. All of them are available in high quality.

Wow, so many amazing pictures!
To decide we should always include the UI parts (and check different window sizes).
I created a little Neos BG Tester so you can easily preview (and snapshot) the login screen in action:


I like this one


I Vote for Login background image proposals - great for a winter release.

So please vote!

Haaaa! Background-tester … great!

Was a little tough decision again. I voted for the first one (by Tim Stief), because it’s no stock photo and fits nicely. However, I liked no. 5 (in the voting above) just a little bit more, because it’s so nice & sunny and perfectly fits with the Neos colors.

I honestly like all the pictures, but I vote for the image of the winter with the northern light https://unsplash.com/search/northern-lights?photo=Sdc35GnHgvI2

Nice combination of water, snow, sky, and stars. Nice reflection of the northern light on the water. With the sharp background that makes the login box standing out more.

Same here, winter with northern lights.

Why not simply randomly match a custom tag, as those pics are all from ‘unsplash’ anyway. It would make the login more joyful, if it’s not always the same one, right? :slight_smile: