Login Page | 404 Not Found

Hello, Good day!

I’m so new to this and in need of assistance.

I could not access the login page of the site.
results to Page Not Found - The requested URL was not found on this server.

Checked the Log file:

- Router route(): A cached Route with the cache identifier "71a0eaeddcad064e3a30770dede639e5" matched the request "https://dev.dev01.afag.clh.no/ (GET)". 
- CSRF: No token required, safe request

and Im not sure where to go to this.

Thank you!


did you try to reset browser cookies and Flow caches?

Bastian Hello :3

I did clear both browser and flow cache and I still got 404 Page.

I also found out that the inner pages has a index.php in the URL

Found the same issue a few years ago. here. But no solution was added.

About the index.php in the url for your pages: (are all pages affected or just child pages of the site root / ?)

i remembered this from the Neos Flow Docs:
Quickstart — Flow Framework dev-master documentation

In case your web server lacks mod_rewrite, it could be that you need to call this to access the controller:


If this the case, keep in mind to add `index.php` to the following URLs in this Quickstart tutorial.

so maybe this applies also to Neos - do you have mod_rewrite enabled?