Minutes Synchronizers Meeting 2015-10-26

Participants: Ben, Christian, Tobias


Meeting Schedule

  • Do retrospectives regularly, publish minutes -> find a regular meeting time -> after team retrospectives and ad-hoc/asynchronous when required


How did the first team meetings go?

  • Minions:
  • focussed on introductions
  • voting (took some time) - people were interested in the synchronizer role, but concerned about required time invest
  • discussion about which work the team would like to do
  • Tiga
  • introductions
  • voting - 2 volunteers for the roles, more people were interested but concerned about required time invest
  • general availability of team members
  • discussed ideas about which stuff the team would like to work on
  • Unicorns
  • introductions were quite fast (most people know each other)
  • talked a bit about what to work on
  • voting was straight forward, had volunteers and decided quickly

How does it feel to work in the teams?

  • need actual projects to work on as a team
  • need Jira board for overview and retrospective

What are team most curious/excited about?

  • Minions/Tiga/Unicorns: get work to do!

Sync with Prioritizers

  • teams need projects to work on
  • teams need boards to see backlog and track progress
  • the activity logs are unclear currently
  • TODO Tobi: meeting needed

New team members?

Was it already discussed in the teams?

  • Tiga: skills missing: design and JS
  • all teams: design/UX
  • TODO Christian: answer Harald about his PR and becoming a team member

Anything else?

Ben: plans to interview each team member about things they work on and which impediments they face

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