Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-02

Neos Transition Team Meeting 2nd Nov 2015

Participants: Aske, Dominique, Ben, Christian, Gina

Previous meeting notes: Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-10-26

Synchronizer Meeting: Minutes Synchronizers Meeting 2015-10-26


  • Need projects !!!
  • What the next to make thing happen ???
  • Every team as lots of ideas, RFC’s ongoing, so project proposal will happen soon. So it looks OK in this area.
  • Need of Jira setup / board (lead by example, let’s every team start / try)
  • Kitchen Duties
  • How to get an overview, ongoing discussion, not clear currently

Description of the Neos Project Structure (by Gina)
Google Docs

  • TODO Every body need to proof read this document. Action until next monday please
  • Needs some nice pictures
  • TODO Gina will update slack channel description (until next monday)


  • Look like we need a “minimalistic” vision to help team decide on project / direction
  • The Council need to work on a “north star” vision
  • The vision can adapt, but we need a direction (to not be lost, chaotic)
  • A vision should answer the question “Why we are doing this project?”
  • TODO Christian try to push the Council to work on the vision (philosophical)
  • Did we agree on the “Content Mixdeck” (work done by Daniel and Rasmus)
  • The next step will be Product Strategy (technical vision, COPE, API, standard, …)

Transition Team:

  • TODO Dominique, need to the care with Daniel about the Transition team board