Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-23

Previous meeting notes: Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-16

Team Structure

  • needs graphics touch to highlight areas – awaiting Berit

Kitchen Duties

  • First week seemed to work out, little hiccup with two teams working on same duty. Will try out for some more time and collect feedback/experience before writing guidelines.

Transition Team Board

  • Board up to date

Discussion Point

  • TODO (next meeting): Transition team validate the focus of the transition team and discuss how the work will continue

Kickstart Guilds (COPs)

  • name has been polled and decided: New name for "COP"
  • Update Guild-Channels in Slack with link to Guidelines
  • figure out, who is in a Guild
  • TODO Dominique: try to kickstart brand guild
  • TODO Tobi: try a guild-kickstart with the #product-strategy guild