Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-16

Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-16

Participants: Aske, Christian, Tobias

Previous meeting notes: https://discuss.neos.io/t/minutes-transition-team-meeting-2015-11-09/623

Team Structure

  • has been put on the website (URL)
  • needs graphics touch to highlight areas
  • TODO Tobi: talk to Berit and possibly others to do it

Projects for the teams

  • Projects input into Jira is ongoing, being added to the team boards
  • read prioritizers minutes for latest updates

Kitchen Duties


  • Council Meeting took place on 10th Nov
  • do an in-person workshop during Sprint in Dresden in March 2016 to work on vision

Transition Team Board

Discussion Point

  • TODO: Transition team validate the focus of the transition team and discuss how the work will continue

Kickstart Guilds (COPs)