Moving React UI under Neos hood

Hey ya!
Since React UI prototype has been accepted a long time ago, it’s long since time that we should move it into the official namespace and Github account.

To do that, we need to decide on a few things:

  1. Will it be separate from neos-development-collection, and if yes, then until what point in time?
    I propose to temporarily put it into the separate repository, and move it into neos-development-collection when it matures enough for final release.
    1a. Then what will be the Github repository name?
    I propose neos/neos-ui.
  2. What will be the flow package name?
    I propose Neos.Neos.UI.

Please let’s not turn this into endless bikeshedding and come up with the answer rather quickly, so me and @inkdpixels could get the move done.


I would be fine with the proposed name.

Composer neos/neos-ui
Flow Neos.Neos.Ui
repository neos-ui

Thanks! Since UI is an acronym, I guess it should be Neos.Neos.UI?

EEL package also is Eel

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OK, seems a bit weird, but let’s do it consistently.

FYI: We decided for this pattern a long time ago (see CGL). There are cases (like this one) where it seems odd, but it makes it consistent and avoids cases like Neos.UITester)

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I don’t know if I’m alone, but Neos.Neos look always weird to me :wink: and dont give much context

What about:

Composer neos/cmp-ui
Flow Neos.Cmp.Ui
repository cmp-ui

CMP: Content Management Platform … I agree a bit weird :wink:

Or a longer version:

Composer neos/contentmanagement-ui
Flow Neos.ContentManagement.Ui
repository contentmanagement-ui

My favorit. A package that implement the media management can be Neos.MediaManagement.Ui, …

And I don’t remember the discussion behind the repository naming, but why yet a other name, the repository name can be the same as the Flow package, no ?

Neos.Neos looks perfectly fine to me: the main product by the vendor, ahem like

Cmp is hard to follow and memorize. Besides, I’m sure in a couple of years CMP would evolve into some other fancy abbreviation, e.g. CMS->CMF->CMP->…?

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Moved it!

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