Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-06-27

the Kitchen Duties thing

how do we make sure they are done?

select a pair each week that does the job

this week: Karsten, Daniel do the :octocat; (well, ok… :octopus:)


  • happy: had meeting about Neos foundation, contact with Simon Frost
  • frustrated: brexit
  • will work on package listing coming back online (clusterf**k fixes)
  • spent a day at t3n talking about high-level roadmap & marketing for Neos, will share outcome with team


  • not much to say
  • frustrated: lot of work at work
  • happy: might get less bad during the week


  • happy to have found some Neos time, merged some smaller things
  • started move of new UI repo into proper place, Moving React UI under Neos hood
  • month of vacation in July, will be in London
  • frustrated: brexit


  • frustrated: she had a barbecue to do on her own instead of sharing work as planned
  • happy: met very, very old friend of hers
  • worked on legal entity stuff, looks good, moving along
  • worked on marketing with a few people
  • working with synchronizers to prepare next project retro


  • frustrated: brexit
  • happy after nice weekend
  • had fun with CR and memory usage last week… trying to improve that


  • frustrated: brexit, little Neos work last week
  • happy: brew beer, made pulled pork, baked bread during weekend
  • will probably work on Neos a bit this week