Neos 3.2 Login Wallpaper

We are getting near the Neos 3.2 release. Time to gather some candidates for the new wallpaper.
As the last two wallpapers where a little bit rough in my eyes, I hope to find something more smooth or colorful for the 3.2.

So if you have a picture you like to see as the 3.2 default wallpaper - which you took yourself or which is free to use, don’t hesitate to post it here.

You can use @bwaidelich s BG-Tester to generate a preview:

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(This one one honestly wasn’t taken by me, but by my mum :slight_smile: - but she would love to contribute it -



(Sunrise / Bagan / Myanmar -


@daniellienert The second one is so soothing! It’s morning, have a cup of coffee and login to neos with this wonderfull picture - I would feel good :slight_smile:

The Myanmar one is amazing! Wish there was one of those air balloons in there too :smiley:


(Sunrise / Bagan /Myanmar with Balloons)


@aertmann - We also have balloons of course :wink:


My favorite is the one with crops, as it kina fit’s the season. “Your content has grown, get ready to harvest”. The Myanmar ones are really nice but for me personally kinda hard to find a relation to Neos.

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Forest – Pacific Northwest


Beach at Corse


Colorful Tiles – Seattle


A night at a campsite in British Columbia

Sorry, had to post two in post, because there’s a limit of three posts on one given thread.

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Heh awesome, unfortunately not as picturesque as the first one :slight_smile:

My favorite is also the first one…

So now its time to vote.

Please place your vote for your favorite login wallpaper for the upcoming Neos 3.2.
The poll will be open until monday 21st.

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Just my 2 cent: In the Brand Guide we commited to put “nature first”. Please vote with this in mind.

Wow that was close! Thanks a lot for your pictures @ffff and thanks to all who have voted.
The winner is #1.

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Any objections for using the runner-up image (number 4) as new Demo site background?

@ffff would you be okay with that as well?


@gerhard_boden I have to say, that I like your idea very much.

Sure, would be cool to update it

Hey everyone! Thanks for the great feedback!
Please use #4 for the Demo Site Background! Very Cool!

Where to should I send the file?

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I’m Sherlock Holmes and found a way to retrieve your image without bothering you :slight_smile:
The new demo package has been released yesterday together with Neos 3.2.

Install or upgrade and enjoy your image as new default background image!

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

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