Neos 5.1 Release date

Hi Neos Folks,

the Tiga team has settled a release date for 5.1

Feature freeze: December 1
Relese: December 16
Release Board:

Yes we know, this is in about two weeks. Let me briefly explain why.

According to our release schedule the release date should be on December 1 Due to the fact that it took a bit longer to finish 5.0 (for very good reasons and outstanding effort of the release team and everybody involved), and the fact that we would need to move the release to next year, we decided to value the roadmap as good as we can and release in about 4 weeks.

This does not mean that you can’t expect exciting new features and improvements, it just means that it would be awesome if you could finish on schedule what you have in mind for the release.

If you would like to help out on testing PR’s, or test your projects with the latest features, pls don’t hesitate to do so after the feature freeze and give feedback.


In the past we only took the month from the roadmap kind of serious. That would mean 5.1 can be released anytime in december. Since there are holidays ahead a feature freeze on december 1st is a good idea to get the release out before the holidays.

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