Neos 5.1 Login Wallpaper

Hello photographers in the Neos community,

The release of Neos 5.1 is getting closer. In good traditions we would like to reach out to the community for the new login-wallpaper.

Please send your image suggestions. Preferably images you took on your own.

These rules apply for the suggestions and the vote

  • We need royalty-free images and the licensing needs to be crystal clear.
  • Please submit a maximum of two pictures. (The first submitted two pictures per user will get into the vote)
  • We like to see the Neos community to vote about the wallpaper. Entitled to vote are all forum users which registered at least 2 months ago and have at least one post in the forum.

The following sentence of the Neos brand guide could help you choose an image:

The Neos imagery style is natural, friendly and a bit blue to match the Neos colors. Images create an authentic, natural impression in contrast to the very technical topic web content management. Artificially illuminated or colored environments do not correspond to this philosophy.

Note: If you want to test your suggestion there is a neos-login-bg-tester from @bwaidelich:

The suggestions should be handed until thursday 1st December. The poll will be open until 6th of December.

Also see the relase date post for more information

1. Mountain view with lake

How about

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I could throw some pictures of my world trip into the mix…

2. River in Mongolia

3. Lake in New Zealand

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Thx for your suggestion! Could you pls make a screenshot and add it to the post for better evaluation for other users.

Thx for your suggestion! Could you pls make screenshots and add it to the post for better evaluation for other users.

These are my two ideas :slight_smile:

4. Mountain / orange Sky


5. Street and lights

Since it is a winter release, the darker theme will match perfectly.
Hope you like it :wink:


Fresh from Key West, Florida:

** 6. Key West / Sailboat**

** 7. Key West / Palm tree**


The vote starts later @davidspiola?

Voting will start at 1st of December and will be possible until 5th of December. Is that you mean?

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For neos 5.0 @david.sporer came up with the idea to use the login wallpaper also for flow.
I personally like the idea. What do the others think about it?


Thank you all for these beautiful wallpaper candidates!
Now it’s time to vote.
The poll is open till Friday 2019-12-06.

You have a maximum of two votes.

    1. Mountain view with lake
    1. River in Mongolia
    1. Lake in New Zealand
    1. Mountain / orange Sky
    1. Street and lights
    1. Key West / Sailboat
    1. Key West / Palm tree

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