Neos Conference 2017 - Claim

(Tobias Gruber) #1


during the Marketing Sprint in Hannover Sven and Lisa from Sitegeist brought up the topic of a claim for the Neos Conference.

The idea is, to give the conference a catchy phrase that could spark interest for developers that are not yet familiar with Neos or Flow.

We would like to brainstorm and discuss this in this thread and come to a conclusion by next Friday, 20th January. The short deadline is due to the print-assets that need to be designed and produced in time for the conference.

What we really liked at the sprint was the combination of content management and application framework that Neos and Flow provide. Thus our ideas were in that direction:

  • Content Application Leadership
  • Inspiring Content Innovation
  • Content meets Application

I’m looking forward to your ideas!

(Martin Brüggemann) #2

…or “Where content meets application”

(Dominique Feyer) #3

“We love Content, We build Application”

(Christian Müller) #4

I iterate on that: “Build Applications that love content”.

(Florian Heinze) #5

@dfeyer: or maybe a call to action: “Love your content, build great applications”

(or the adult version: “make love to your content, build great applications”)

(Bastian Heist) #6

I like Christians version, maybe we could shorten it to “Build apps that love content”.

I think the short one’s better for a claim, but on the other hand this might be too biased towards smartphone-apps. WDYT?

(Robert Lemke) #7

Content - there’s an app for that

But honestly, it would be good to see it as a motto for our conference, a claim which we’ll use on displays announcing the next talks and so on. So it shouldn’t be too simple and shallow.

For me it goes into the direction of promoting “meaningful content”, leaving behind the “page / print paradigm”, exploring the true domain of the respective projects (through DDD and content modelling).

Something which wraps it up but is a bit worn out is “content first”.

A claim which would be more open tease a bit would be “What does it mean?” Maybe we can phrase it better. But something related to “meaning” would be nice.

(David Sporer) #8

Didn’t have a good idea yet but it’s clear that the conference is primarily about Neos but if the claim is only focused on content that might leave out Flow a bit.

(Christian Müller) #9

That is not entirely true. I understand it as “Neos” in Neos Project, not “Neos CMS”.

(David Sporer) #10

Sure but at least for me, Neos is the CMS, Flow is the Framework. I guess that’s because of the TYPO3 history. So if I hear Neos I think about the CMS, not necessarily about Flow alone.

(Dominique Feyer) #11

Take care of one thing … the Editor … Framework + Content … all really technical

“Build app, to empower your Editors and publish great Content” … long but you know, I love speaking … and long discussion are good :wink:

Basically my “coder” side really love the Content + Application, but my “UXer” side, love more application that empower users to create, target, share awesome contents.

I think this claim is not about what we do, but what people do with what we do :wink:

(David Sporer) #12

Maybe “A Content Application you’ll love”?

(Tobias Gruber) #13

@dfeyer true, in contrast to many other CMS we truly do focus on the editor. For this Neos Conference imho it would be ok to use a technical term, as it is really focussed on developers.

How about:

Neos Conference 2017
great applications for meaningful content

(Martin Huber) #14

My 2 cents:

Neos Conference 2017
simplify your work

Short and probably for devs and editors.

Neos Conference 2017
simplify your work – inspire your clients

More business-oriented

(Dominique Feyer) #15

@tobias I disagree … if we want to be the “editor focused content application platform”, we should communicate this in a really clear way, even when we target developers.

For my personal story, I’m a developer and learn a lots around content modeling/strategy and UX as a side effect of my work on Neos.

Even if the conference is dev centric (a bit sad we don’t have a content oriented talk), we need to use a unique voice / tone for all our configuration.

My 2 cents :wink:

(Martin Huber) #16

I do not know the targeted goal of the conferences. I guess as often:

  • Neos is to become more popular
  • Developers should be convinced of the uniqueness and all the possibilities of Neos
  • Companies should be motivated to use the product, sell it and support it with time, money, …

If it were so, many product stories in the last decade show:

  • a technical «selling/public relations»-approach is not always the easiest way to become popular.

A lot of Decision-Makers often has abilities like “editors”.

(Tobias Gruber) #17

Neos Conference 2017

content applications your editors love

editors love content applications built with Neos

editor friendly applications

Great applications for happy editors

Build applications for professional editors

Excite your editors

Excite your developers and editors

applications that excite your editors

technically exciting

learn to excite

learn to excite editors

develop to excite

develop to inspire

build to inspire ?

(David Sporer) #18

Shouldn’t it be “built to inspire!”?
That’s my favorite.

(Tobias Gruber) #19

build - is a call to action to the reader

built - talks about Neos itself

I personally like the call to action more :wink:

(Martin Huber) #20

short and meaningful (maybe in two directions) Like it :clap:

I’m not a native – but with meta-link to the truth: Neos – the CMS with easiest content-handling:

content’s first choice!
content’s best choice!