Neos Conference 2018 - Claim

Hey everybody, the Neos Conference organisation is starting and it would be cool to have a new claim for 2018.

The claim in 2017 was “Content’s first Choice”

These Claims were discussed the last time:

  • Content Application Leadership
  • Inspiring Content Innovation
  • Content meets Application
  • We love Content, We build Application
  • Build Applications that love content
  • make love to your content, build great applications :stuck_out_tongue:
  • What does it mean?
  • A Content Application you’ll love
  • great applications for meaningful content
  • content applications your editors love
  • Excite your editors

These where the final options:

Neos Conference 2018 - where content meets application
Neos Conference 2018 - content’s first choice

Looking forward to hear about your ideas :wink:

No input so far on this topic so here let’s try to reheat it a little bit :wink: I will keep this post open for discussion until the end of the week (20.10.2017).

For me there are two options:

  1. Keep the old claim (content’s first choice). The question for me is, if we need a new claim each year, if we already have a really good one? If nothing new pops up in this thread, for me personally this would be a valid option. We would also be able to reuse stuff from the years before, which would be more sustainable and ecological.

  2. Find a new one which should be as good as the current one. For this some discussion has to happen, to not use something “half baked”.

Looking forward to your opinions and remarks.

I’m all for keeping “Content’s first choice”, because I think it is really catchy, precise and represents the essence of what Neos wants to be. I also saw the claim being used above and beyond the Neos Conference context, it’s really starting to become more of a brand slogan, which I’m totally happy with.

I’m also think that this claim is perfectly fine. I would not want to use a different claim each year as this is, like Bastian already said, a bit part of the brand.

I think the old claim is fine.
Would make sense to have claims which stay longer and can be used for merchandise.

I’m also for keeping the old slogan (at least for a bit longer until we find a real reason to change).

Just a quick branding-wise question:

Neos is the brand
Flow is the framework
CMS is the product

Is it right to be so content-specific in the claim, when the name of the conference is focused in the brand and if the target is more than CMS? Started a topic a in july [1], but didn’t get much attention. Not to be nitpicking the concept, but to get a certain consistency on how the names are used

[1] Are we using the correct products names for changelog, announcements etc

@sorenmalling I commented on your post. For the conference claim I would not like to wait for a discussion on this whole naming issue, as this might take longer and we need a decision for the claim soonish to start producing texts, announcements and stuff.