Neos Conference logo, extending the logo system and adding some more colors

Hey everybody,

preparations for the Neos Con are just starting and we need a logo for this event and also for other events like “Meet Neos”, Barcamps, … So as the primary objective, we should find some kind if system that fits multiple types of events.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY we need A LOGO FOR THE CON so we can go ahead advertising :wink:

Let’s start

Side remark: The following logos are just drafts and therefore not pixel perfect.

When initially creating the brand we also talked about a logo for the Foundation (CIC). The Foundation is not a product itself, but it has a “supporting role”, which could also be applied to any kind of event.

So basically we could create a logo with brackets that can be filled in, like so:

We could even add another bracket to give more context:

So for the conference this would leave us with the following:

So what about the “Meet Neos” Event?

In this special case we could switch the order because the “Meet Neos” is about the first contact. The word “meet” is more important. It is also the more emotional way of saying “Hey just come around and meet Neos.” This would leave us with the following logo:

Currently “Meet Neos” should be the only format where we switch the brackets.

Last but not least - colors

We could introduce colors for different types of logos. In my opinion this has to be done carefully, because we might end up in a “circus” or some kind of candy land. In my opinion, we should keep the dark color for each color variant to always have the Neos flavor in each logo.

Here are some examples on the use of colors:

Summing up

As mentioned before, we need a conference logo without neglecting the fact, that it should provide some kind of system to be used for other type of events.

For me it boils down to the following questions:

1. Do we want a logo system composed of brackets (as proposed above)?

2. If we switch the brackets for “Meet Neos”, will it still be perceived “consistent”?

3. If it’s not perceived as being “consistent”, do we still want to create this special version for “Meet Neos”?

4. How much color do we want?

Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts :wink:

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. n/a
  4. I’m fine with as many colors we need, as long as there is a system behind it (categories, continents, whatever)

Hey Flo,

my opinion below:

  1. yes
  2. yes!
  3. I am actually not so sure yet whether we currently need/should use these multiple colors. Maybe we should start just with the main color; not yet adding a “zoo” of colors… I feel that coming up with these guidelines which color to use when etc is quite complicated. Or what do you think? :slight_smile:

All the best,

I know I am the only one hacking away on that, but AFAIK one part that we wanted the logo to express was openness to change / adaption.

I feel as open source project we can allow us to be more colourful than other other entities can. Also the fact that we are open source should allow for modification of the logo and what better to modify here than the colours.

I think it’s vital that we use multiple colours, in fact I took the original blue (which as blue is considered usually as “cold” and “strict”) with the understanding that there will be more coming otherwise I would have insisted on another colour from the beginning.

I find it sad that there is so much opposition to more colours and playfulness with the logo. Something TYPO3 never managed.

So for me, go colors please!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. I agree with @kdambekalns. Colors should be used, so that they systematically identify a certain context. This way, an increasing number of colors indicates a growing community & ecosystem. The more color, the more Neos :slight_smile:

Much like Karsten already said.

  1. yes
  • yes
  • (does not apply)
  • I like colors but with a system, not as a playground

Personally I would go with the following categories:

[1.] Product ( currently Neos & Flow)

Here we should use the blue logo without the brackets, because the products are very important and without them, there would not be the need for a supporting role.

[2.] Supporting Role [highly visible]

This is mostly related to events. Here I would use a color coding with the brackets. At the moment I would use a different color for conferences (Neos Con), Tech Events (Sprints, Barcamps, … , maybe use the wireframe for theses events), Meet Neos (as the special event to first get in touch with Neos)

[3.] Supporting Role [somewhat visible]

“Everything else”. I actually would see the Neos Foundation in this category, because it is mainly operating in the “background” to support the products and the events.
For this I would use the brackets but keep the blue version of the logo.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes I also want colors. And yes I think there have to be some rules, but I would keep it simple for the moment and define a color we’ll use for the conference. As we need the logo soonish we should keep in mind what it means if we now introduce colors but I don’t think that we already have to come up with a whole set of different colors used for whatever cases. However the color we’ll pick for the con should be open for different solutions regarding a possible color scheme, but I think with the suggestions we already had (green, red) we already have some nice version we could just vote on, because in genreal it looks as most of us wants colors in some way, sometimes with more sometimes with less restrictions.
  1. Yes
  2. Yes.
  3. I agree with Karsten and Berit here: mo’ colors please.

Side note: I know we all agreed on “NeosCon” - but now that I see it as a logo, it sounds so inner-circle. You know I’m not a fan of acronyms, even if they are wildly accepted. So, visually speaking, Neos Conference would look much better, in my humble opinion.

Good point! I didn’t think about it as an acronym anymore, but yes!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. I’m with Karsten and Berit :slight_smile:

Regarding the NeosCon logo proposal: I had a small hiccup when reading it.

I looked at it and read: Neos [switch lines] Con2016
There is a break in there I don’t perceive when I say NeosCon (which for me becomes 1 word). Not sure if it is possible or would break the proposed system, but what about NeosCon where the Con gets the different color? Or as @robert suggested go for “Neos” and the full word “conference” below. Question: Should the year be included in the logo?

Hamburg 2017

Not sure if that works. Feels strange…

Summing up I would say, that the system with the brackets is the way to go and that we can also apply this system for the “Meet Neos”.

For now we will concentrate on the conference logo which also needs a color. This color can later be applied to events of the same category.

Other colors can be decided on as we see the need to add more :wink:


@fheinze what’s your take on “Neos Con” vs “Neos Conference”?
I’d really like to challenge this again, even though we discussed it for so long. I feel like “Neos Conference” sounds and looks better.

@tobias I think the year shouldn’t be part of the logo - that also makes it easier to re-use materials like lanyards.

What About the Name?

Using “Neos Con”

In the logo we should put the year next to the “Con” otherwise the Logo looks really strange.
Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I like the “ring” of “Con” better than “conference”.

“Hey, where are you going?” - “I am going to the “Neos Con” in Hamburg”

For me this sounds more modern and fresh. If said really fast and repeatedly then it rolls of nicely and I do not get tired so fast :slight_smile:

Using “Neos Conference”

In the logo we should not put the year next to it, because it will get too long.

“Hey, where are you going?” - “I am going to the Neos Conference in Hamburg”

For me this sounds more conservative. If said really fast and repeatedly it’s more difficult :wink:

My favorite would be “Neos Con” + year

Any more thoughts?

What is your general opinion on the conference name?
(Neos core team members only)

  • I would go with “Neos Con” and add the year in the logo
  • I would go with “Neos Conference” and add the additional Information (place, year) below
  • I don’t care (abstain)
  • I am against both proposals (disagree)
  • I need more information

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The thing is, if we name it “Neos Con”, people will probably not say “I am going to the Neos Con”, but rather will be saying “I am going to the Con”. Which would be sad.

Also, we favour long variable names at all times, so why stop there? :wink:

Same for me. I’d say either we stick with “NeosCon” as a single term, that would mean in the logo the two should stand side by side (which breaks the system, but I could imagine would look nice). Or we go back to “Neos Conference”.

I would rather try to find a solution that works with the system rather than breaking it :wink: as it will be a lot of work maintaining and even discussing new logos if we have too many versions flying around. I think it is important to start with some rules and then play around with them. At some point it probably makes sense to break some of the rules, but in an orderly fashion :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve voted with “I am against both proposals (disagree)” for now.

My reasons are these:

  • I don’t like the break in reading with the first option “Neos [break] Con2016” reads weird imho
  • I like the second option, but it lacks the concrete information about the year and place
  • in the third option the “Hamburg 2017” is too far away from the rest of the logo imho - I can’t make the visual connection

Please don’t understand my “disagree” as a veto but rather as a "I’m not totally happy with either proposed version. (and would let myself be overruled by the majority) :slight_smile:

@tobias We can easily move it closer together. The images above are just drafts and not the final version :wink: