Neos & Flow 7.1 Feature Freeze and branch off

New branches for Flow and Neos 7.1 have been created and are considered more or less feature complete for the upcoming release of those two versions. If you come around and have the possiblity to play around with those pre-release versions on one of your pet-projects, it would be awesome to receive some feedback on any problems you encounter when upgrading from the previous versions.
You can install those versions by composer requiring neos/flow-development-collection 7.1.x-dev and/or neos/neos-development-collection 7.1.x-dev .

If you are curious about the full list of new features, you can take a look at the release board “Done” column under - a cleanly written release note with the major features will follow soon.

We will dedicate the next weeks in ironing out all issues and hope to have a good stable release roughly by end of April!

Until then, we still need to find a new wallpaper for the Neos Login, so if you haven’t already - take a look through your (old) photographs with some beverage of your liking and look out for images that you think would fit and suggest it in the thread!

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