website - overhaul

Hi everyone,

with the announcement of the split from TYPO3 I believe we will have to give the website a complete overhaul to accommodate the additional information it will need to hold and provide:

  • all information related to Neos CMS, Flow and other products (Fluid…?)
  • community information (agencies, contributors, case studies, media posts…)
  • about the Neos Project (blog, team, values, events…)
  • getting help/support (Discourse, Slack, Jira…)
  • contribution information, funding, getting started…
  • and probably much more!

And IMHO the site could also use a fresh design.

I’d like to get the discussions going as I’m sure it will take some time to decide on a structure and design :smile:


There already happened some planning at the strategy sprint to tackle the website topic. @aertmann and @berit are already involved in that.

Hey Tobias,

thanks for starting to get the ball rolling! Aske and Berit have had quite some thoughts about this already, and it seems Aske will have about a month of almost full-time to work on the website soonish - but I am not fully sure when.

That’s why I think it’s especially important to already think about content structure etc :slight_smile: @berit @aertmann do you have some ideas in that regard already, or do you need help there?

All the best,

Hey there,

Aske will visit us this weekend and I’m sure that we will spend some time talking about the website.
I already have tons of stuff in my mind and for Aske that seems to be the same.

I think one of the plans would be to create a some kind of a roadmap, find out the different tasks ahead and prioritize those.

One of the major points will be a new concept for the main page and the general content structure and I think we will talk about that this weekend and publish something here afterwards.

Does that sound reasonable?

Sounds great! I look forward to discuss your ideas :slight_smile:

I can not wait the new, but please try to avoid the big relaunch … maybe we can have a progressive enhancement, step by step.

As discussed with @benvantende I will try to build a Neos package to intergrate with Neos (like publish new article and discourse post and enable commenting on the Neos website directly to discourse. I dont think I will have a working package before ~1 month, but know you know that something happen in this area.


Hey sounds interesting, but not sure I completely get the concept. Could you elaborate? And what role do you think it could play in the website specifically?

Hey Aske,

@dfeyer wants to work on a package which allows for comments (e.g. of News posts) in Discourse – pretty much like it is done in

All the best,

Hey @dfeyer is there any progress in this area or rather can we give some publicity to this, so maybe other people ca collaborate on this?

I will have some time to work on the initial package next week. So I hope to have a basic package for the end of the month.

That is just awesome!

Just to update this topic as well.
We have a new project inside jira which already contains a first bunch of open tasks.
For the moment the goal is create and finalize concepts for some important pages to have a complete set of concepts for the design phase. You can find the epic with all needed information here: