Neos Project Retro - Sprint Dresden - May 2019

During the Dresden sprint we had a retro on 14th of May 2019.

Side note: Check for the retro ToDos

List of participants

  • Aske Erdmann
  • Bastian Weidelich
  • Bernhard Schmitt
  • Christian Müller
  • Daniel Lienert
  • David Spiola (remote)
  • Gina Steiner
  • Markus Günther
  • Martin Ficzel
  • Maya Bornschein
  • Robert Lemke
  • Roland Schütz
  • Sebastian Helzle
  • Sebastian Kurfürst
  • Tobias Gruber

Summary of the retro

After a short welcome we introduced the agenda (which was adapted during the retro).


As always we opened the retrospective with shortly talking about the vegas rule and the prime directive.

Vegas rule

Prime directive

We pointed out that we would like to use the retrospective for team building and issues which need to be discussed as a whole group and therefore we put the issues concerning only parts of the group into a separate flip chart called “Stash”.


Then we had a look at all To Dos from last retro and found out that we managed to do or start most of them. Obviously putting them in git seems to solve the problem from last retro. So like last retro we set them up on github: We will stick to that.

ToDos from the last retro

After that we checked the timeline of things happening since the last retrospective in November 2018 Neos Project Retro - Sprint Salzburg - November 2018.
We found out, that many things were going on and that we achieved much.

Color code for the timeline:

  • Blue: Sprints & Con
  • Red: Releases
  • Orange: People joining / leaving
  • Green & Turquoise: Events


We continued with a format called “I like, I wish”. This is a facilitated team feedback activity where team members of a team engaged in a creative project get to provide and receive both positive and constructive feedback in written as well as in spoken format. Sessions are processed in a safe and systematic way.

I like, I wish Explanation

We liked the format very much although the individual “I like” round took very long. Regarding team building this seems to be a very effective format. In addition we got some issues out of “I like, I wish” which we prioritized.

We decided to put the issues into a fishbowl.
Explaining how fishbowls work was not needed since everybody already knew the format. Here is the explanation:

Explaining the fishbowl

So we held a fishbowl on the issue “Growth” and also worked on some To Dos right after the fishbowl.

Recording of the “Growth” fishbowl

Over the whole retrospective we gathered the To Dos on a flip chart as well as in github


I want to thank everybody for the attendance, the spirit and the engaged participation.


I like the motivation
“more conceptual collaboration / whiteboarding before implementation”! :slight_smile: