Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-10-23/21

Participants: Aske, Berit, Karsten

Kitchen duties

  • Few clear channels for easy overview
  • Support / ops tasks
  • Use inboxes for internal task queue (unrelated to the product)
  • Plan: Merge ops and hello into one Zendesk account with two inboxes, and then have an inbox for each team that prioritizers fill with incoming mails and then each team need to work through them – gives each team a contact mail in the process


  • Evaluated the definition and updated it
  • New concept for project proposals

Work log


  • Meeting every monday 12:00


  • Team report
  • Project updates
  • Kitchen duties
  • Communicate to the outside regularly (blog post)
  • Neos Bulletin
  • First edition done team Unicorns

Proposal for managing projects

  • Every project is created in a separate branch from master and merged into master when stable and polished

Jira boards

  • Aske will come up with a proposal

How to choose/prepare a project?

  • Everything starts with project proposals
  • Pros/cons – gains/challenges
  • Accepted projects can be selected by the prioritizer
  • depending on team requests
  • depending on general product strategy priority
  • Product strategy COP
  • Can propose projects
  • Comment and vote on other project proposals
  • Give general product strategy priority
  • Prioritizer makes sure the proposal is turned into an epic in Jira


  • Each team will create project proposals