Team Unicorn | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-10-27

Attendees: Berit, Alex, Dominique, Sebastian, Christian

Berit tells us about the prioritizer meeting ( Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-10-23/21 )

  • Support channels / Zendesk Inbox
    – one inbox for “security”
    – one inbox with folders for all other queues
    – There’ll be a team inbox
    – There’ll be Team Email Addresses (but not announced so far)
  • Guidelines how tasks / projects come to life: Project structure discussion – Neos Sprint 2015 – Frankfurt
    – for code, an RFC is created
    – a team creates a project proposal based on an RFC
    – every project has a Project proposal; when it comes to life: Epic in Jira + Subtasks
    – normally, 1 Epic == 1 Team
  • once-a-week, a team member shall report what they did during the week in the worklog-thread
    – bi-weekly “Neos-Bulletins” will be created based on this (for public communication)
    – we’ll take care of first bulletin
  • for code, we’ll work on branches in the Neos Repository
  • In Jira: Scrum- or Kanban-Like?
    – we’ll rather pick “kanban-like”; Aske creates a proposal for it

Christian: Synchonizer Meeting / Restructuring Task Force

  • team meetings: really short (as soon as we started working)
  • retrospectives: wait until we do a project

Our team is the leading team (with Berit as Prioritizer) for the website relaunch.

Action Points: