Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-12

Attending: Aske, Berit, Karsten


  • JIRA handling of bigger projects
  • Kitchen Duties
  • First projects

JIRA handling of bigger projects

The question is how to handle bigger projects that need to be split across teams.

Current approach assigning epics or stories to boards won’t always be granular enough in case a story is shared worked on by two teams simultaneously. Problem is that tasks with sub-tasks aren’t shown in epics and sub-tasks can inherit the sprint from the parent story.
One way to solve this would be to create an epic per sub-project, but with this a way to have an overview of all the “epics in the project” is missing.
Another way would be create additional projects in JIRA for those projects. This allows to have the full overview, but setting up those projects means some overhead. Unless such projects come up very often, the latter would be a viable approach.

Currently we see the following “big projects” coming up:

  • website relaunch
  • Neos JS refactoring


  • ask @daniellienert if he has more/better ideas on this topic
  • otherwise create a project for the website (@aertmann)
  • the JS refactoring stays inside Neos, it’s “product’s project”
  • for large product projects stories that are worked on my more than one team is only shown in the board of the team who’s responsible for the story even though certain tasks are assigned to externals

Kitchen Duties

Teams agree to the suggested handling, rotating weekly. We will start with it next week. The schedule will be added to the team calendar by @kdambekalns. Inbox needs to have all team members added and the “team queues” be added (@kdambekalns will take care)

Having a slack channel for notifications from Inbox would be nice, ping @robert to set that up.

First projects

The Unicorn team wants to work on:

  • the package manager refactoring
  • asset metadata
  • new media browser package

Team Tiga would work on:

  • website
  • security related changes

The Minions (would like to) work on:

  • workspace handling
  • 2.1 release (including support for PHP7!?)
  • working PostgreSQL support

Next meeting

  • check “old backlog” and old issues to get them tackled
  • next Thursday, 11:00 GMT+1, every week from then on
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Hey, these are my ideas for handling big projects in Jira:

From my experience, a story is the type of item which you would assign to a team, and only one team is the owner of a story - which means, this team does most of the work on that item and manages the help of other teams or volunteers. The subtasks should be used to keep track of the progress of a story.
The size of a story could be from one hour of work to a couple of workdays.

Several stories are combined in epics (or epcis are divided in stories). In my eyes an epic could be for example the blog for the homepage with stories like: articles, categories, comments, authors …

For the complete relaunch of the website for example I would suggest to have a project, or several epics linked with components.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, resonates well with what how we saw it as well :slight_smile: FYI, actually did it the way you mention with linked epics. Decided against a separate project, since it would make the communication project unnecessary/empty and creating them is cumbersome. Created components for different aspects the communication project covers, like the website.

Suggestion for another kitchen duty:

Browse through questions on which have not received any reply yet and show that we care. For example by pointing to documentation, asking if the question is obsolete in the mean time or the like. The idea is not to answer all questions right away, but only concentrate on those who haven’t been answered for, let’s say 1 week.

The team who is in charge of the inbox duty, could also take over this task.

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