Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2016-02-02

Attendees: Berit, Karsten, Sebastian H.

Website is pressing issue, decision is to push that further starting now. We will use every prioritizer meeting to define next steps in that regard from now on.,

Team Tiga:

  • some members occupied by other things
  • Andreas does security stuff, Sebastian and Tobias work on the Neos funding platform
  • Bastian to implement teams page for new site!?

Team Unicorns:

Team Minions:

  • Robert works on Branding and some research around CQRS/Event Sourcing

  • Karsten collects status of current proposed and accepted projects

  • Dimitri, Wilhelm, Tyll work on React UI prototype

Some addition:

Team Tiga:

  • Sebastian H. will work with Bastian on the concept of the team page and try to split the implementation into visual part and crowd integration part, so we can have something usable on the new site early on.