Project: namespace change

Notes & discussion according to the Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 Release plan Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 Release Plan

Notes from our first hangout, 08.09.2016

Participants: @christianm, @daniellienert, @mgoldbeck, @stolle

What we planned as first steps:

  • finish refactoring the absolute namespaces by the end of the week
  • merge the namespace changes at the begin of the next week and also upmerge them
  • @mgoldbeck will check for soft-changes (TYPO3 strings in Comments, license header, documentation etc.)
  • Everyone will evaluate existing core migrations (Flow3 -> Flow)
  • @christian will check his tool to switch from PSR-0 to PSR-4 (

Next meeting is planned at the end of the next week. Check #project-namespaces on slack :slight_smile:

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