Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 Release Plan

Package Renaming :star2: :star2: :star2:

Member: @daniellienert, @stolle, @mgoldbeck

Status 1.11.:

  • preperations are done
  • will be done on the sprint in HH


  • The product name change to Fusion

Status 1.11.:

  • Will be done on the sprint after the package rename thing


  • Rename Neos.ContentRepository
  • All related packages (search) should replace TYPO3CR -> ContentRepository
  • NodeType naming
  • Nodes, all related resources

Status 1.11.:

  • Will be done on the sprint after the package rename thing


  • The adapter is name Neos.FluidAdapter

Status 1.11.:


  • Neos.Kickstarter
  • Neos.SiteKickstarter

Status 1.11.:

  • Will be done on the sprint after the package rename thing at the sprint

Generic Namespace

  • Remove all mentions to TYPO3 in all namespace
  • Fine with Neos.Neos (only for Neos CMS package)
  • Rename all full namespace with short one -> Class::class
  • Prepare the change in a single PR, take care of other open PR (ping user to rebase)

Status 1.11.:

  • Will be done on the sprint after the package rename thing


  • Release package with the replace feature correctly configured

Status 1.11.:

  • Will be done on the sprint after the package rename thing

Remove deprecated code :star2: :star2:

Member: @christianm @radmiraal

  • Cleanup the code base
  • Mark the change as breaking

Status 1.11.:

  • Need more support

Slim down the API

Member: @dfeyer

Remove @api from

  • Lock

Status 1.11.:

  • No progress yet


Status 1.11.:


Member: RMs

  • Branch late, like it is now


Resource for PHP7 compatibility

Member: shared effort (code sprint)

Resource and Object will be reserved keyword for PHP ~7.2

Check: Renaming Flow core classes Resource and Object

Raw brain dump of the discussion

  • !!! Breaking Release
  • Change how RM need to work ?
    • More organization / sync
    • Less do/code
    • More responsibility on team/people
  • Namespace Renaming
  • Product Renaming
    • TypoScript -> Fusion
  • Remove deprecated code
  • Slim down the API
    • Remove @api from some places
  • Merge all pending PR marked as next major
  • Release
    • Date: december 2016
    • Version: Neos 3.0 / Flow 4.0
    • Release manager:
      • Johannes Steu
      • Robert Lemke
  • Let’s see, but not depends on
    • CQRS / New Content Repository
    • React, mvp/alpha version in parallel with the current UI

Update and Todos (as of 01.11.16)

I just had a status meeting with @stolle to discuss the open tasks for these releases. In order to stay on track with our schedule, we need your help (not surprisingly …).

Tentative dates

Juicy bits first: the very unofficial and tentative dates you need to keep in mind for these releases are:

23.11.2016 Renaming Fest

On that Wednesday during the Neos Sprint in Hamburg we will start merging package and namespace renames to master. This will require everyone’s help and will raise quite some dust.

You should try to get all features which should become part of Flow 4.0 and Neos 3.0 merged until November 22nd.

28.11.2016 Soft Feature Freeze

Starting on November 28th until the release, all features which should be merged need prior approval by @stolle or me. We can still merge features after that date, but because of all the renaming, we’ll probably busy with stabilizing master and don’t want to let last-minute bugs sneak in.

13.12.2016 Release Day

If everything goes well, we’ll release on Tuesday, 13th of December.


The Fluid Standalone PR is basically ready to be merged, but hasn’t been tested yet. We need some volunteers who do a thorough review with a real-world application, so we can merge this feature mid of next week.

If you’re up for this task, please announce that you are starting a review in the comments of that pull request. We suggest that we have 3 thorough reviews before we can merge this change.


If the PSR-7 support should get into Flow 4.0, this is now the time to polish and review it. @christianm: is this ready from your side? If so, please say so in the PR’s comments and ask for reviews.

Deprecated Code

@christianm volunteered to have a look at removing deprecated code which should be removed. Who else can help?

Renaming “Resource” and “Object”

The renaming of “Resource” and “Object” still need to be done - anyone who’d be up for giving it a try?

React UI

It would be great if we could release a “technology preview” or “alpha” along with installation instructions on December 13th. How realistic is it? What can we expect?


@bwaidelich, @dfeyer and I will try to get some beta version ready until the release / Christmas. But we won’t announce it before we are sure to make it.

So, that’s the status update - thanks already for your help, and if you have any comments or suggestions, just approach @stolle or me.

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I’d be in for giving the Resource/Object renaming a try. Anyone dares to judge whether that should be done or is easier or whatever before or after the “renaming fest”?

When it comes to removing deprecated code, I’m also in. Have some changes pending related to that, IIRC.

No clue what is better. I guess doing it now-ish means we can recover from that until the sprint and then do the big rename.

I’d vote to do it now as we will have enough hassle with the typo3 renmae stuff at the sprint and this could be done before, right?


Hm. Feel free to join in at Renaming Flow core classes Resource and Object again. :slight_smile:

Can someone test current master of neos on PHP 7.1, unable to make it work here, the homepage (any page) of the demo site:

No TypoScript object found in path "landingPage" Please make sure to define one in your TypoScript configuration.
For a full stacktrace, open Data/Logs/Exceptions/2016110416415988531b.txt