Renaming TYPO3CR

Continuing the discussion from Renaming TypoScript:

So does anyone want to bikeshed TYPO3CR? Let’s call it Neos.SolidCR (assuming Neos.TypoScript gets renamed to Neos.Fire).

Thanks for the proposition, I love the Fluid / Solid wording, sound quiet nice to do some marketing with this wording.

CR is out of the question in the sense of what we planned for as naming scheme. There should be no technical description of the thing in there and abbreviations are also out. So it would have to be SolidContentRepository but then ContentRepository is out. So Solid something… Maybe SolidStore? Solidify?

I’m in favor of simple and short product name, with a small logline:

Solid The best place to store you application content
Fluid Templating engine to power modern web application
Fire Scripting language to connect & transform contents

  • Simple product name
  • Short log line to give more context

(and I’m not a marketing boy, so come with better logline)


I’m not so fond of “Solid” yet - doesn’t really catch me emotionally. But I like the general direction you guys suggest.

Here’s a name which would fit into the category of plasma: Neos Fusion
Sounds sophisticated and like something actually is mixed together and something good comes out of it.

actually, I had a list of 12 names or so related to plasma, but they are ridiculous or boring - or stupid, like for example “Quark” which also means curd cheese in German …

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I’m obviously not the Neos CMS guy, so regard my 2cents however you want, but I was sold on Solid The best place to store you application content”. Wherever I want to store my content, it rather be solid.

Also fits into a scheme of “elements”: Solid - Fluid - Fire

From a physical PoV there is fluid dynamics and solid mechanics.

I like both Neos.Solid and Neos.Fusion

it’s not about selling a nice holiday in spain, where emotion if the key decision factor. We sell software … and I don’t really remember a software that touch me emotionaly since a long time. It’s more about the feeling of safety and confort to work with.

Like @aberl say earlier, if I store content I need a solid system, if i build interface i need fluidity / flexibility …

yeah, but I think there’s also something in the middle between boring and ¡grande emoción!

Another un-emotional aspect: Solid sounds pretty inflexible to me. And flexibly structured content is really what the content repository is about.

Anyway, I’m not against Solid, just trying to find something even better.

A direction yet unexplored would be that of crystals. They have a certain beauty, but also a structured. There are even “quasi-chrsytals” which have some sort of flexibility.

Maybe someone is lucky to stumble over a nice word in that area?

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That reminds me of fullerene but Neos.Fullerene is not exactly the most striking name…

That could work. TypoScript → Fusion and TYPO3CR → Plasma.
fusion is a pretty common word in tech, and is part of the name of another language (ColdFusion), so it might not be the best, but it could work.

I still like Fire and Solid best.

For TYPO3CR I love the Neos Solid, sounds sophisticated, trustful and you get already an idea what it is about.

For TypoScript I’d be in favor for Neos Fusion as it connects/melt the solid and the fluid together.

I cannot really like solid yet, also as was pointed out before, the CR is not exactly solid but rather flexible…

I am thinking in terms of containers:


some ideas for words which are more flexible:
these are all terms from fluid dynamics which is a subdiscipline of fluid mechanics that deals with fluid flow.

I’d also prefer a more flexible name for CR. Tumbler sounds great for me.
Fusion sounds also great for TypoScript

How about Neos.Continuum then?

Continuum mechanics includes both solid mechanics and fluid mechanics.

In a way, the dimensions of the CR are on a continuum, as each dimension shines through to the one that comes after it seamlessly. The continuum is a very flexible concept, including solid and flexible parts as needed.

Downside: it is longer and might be harder to spell.

I also like Neos.Fire and Neos.Fusion for TypoScript. Neos.Fusion even a bit more.
Also Neos.Solid for CR is quite good. The connection to stability and trust is more important here than to flexibility IMO.

Why is Neos.Plasma for the CR not an option? Matches nicely to Fusion. (If that was discussed already, sorry. Did not see it as wording suggestion)

More ideas for the CR:
Neos.Flextor (wordplay flexible Storage, maybe to close to tech description)

Then i was search for something in nature which connects to storage or basic necessary stuff like “soil”, but did not hit something nice yet. So these are no real suggestions, more to give hints about the idea i was searching for.

Stumbled across this discussion and the whole Fluid / Solid / Fire thing just made me think about Magma.
Which is kind of solid, fluid and on fire at the same time. I don’t know if it is a good product name, but just wanted to share that thought.

Great. I like Magma.

Neos.Ion could be cool too, but maybe not for CR. It could work for TypoScript, but we seem to have chosen Neos.Fusion for that. Does anything else need a cool name? Neos.Media could be Neos.Ion

I couldn’t find any crystalline names or any names that suggested safety/strength (like Solid) and flexibility. No names seem to work well when trying to include concepts of content tree, content dimensions, content shine-through/fallback.

Current favorites for CR:

  • Neos.Solid
  • Neos.Plasma