Renaming TypoScript

Continuing the discussion from RFC: Vendor namespace of the Neos Project:

-1 for Gluescript, has quite some negative touch for me. But why name it “*script” anyway - one of the major misunderstandings has always been that it’s not a scripting language (or is it?).

Now that we have the chance, I’d rather go for something nice and simple, the Neos way. Something like “Swift” (but not Swift of course).

-1 for Gluescript from my side too. I would find it rather difficult to argue such a name when introducing other developers to the concept, because “glue” reminds me too much of “glue code”. Since TypoScript pretty much improves integrity in rendering processes, this name would cover its purpose.

FlowScript would be something I would really like for its closeness to the actual process and for it deriving from Flow as a Framework.

But maybe something with the same amount of syllables woud be easer to get used to, like RenderScript or WireScript.

Generally I think *script is okay, since Scripting is something I wouldn’t call that well-defined.

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actually, we already have “Flowquery”, so “Flowscript” would be quite a natural fit.

I’d also like to find a nice name that fits to “Flow” and “Fluid”. I’m not too keen on “Script”, but maybe that makes things clear.

So some (really raw) ideas from my side:

  • Aero (maybe AeroScript)
  • Hydro -> fluids in motion :wink:
  • Breeze
  • DuctScript (well, it’s the Duct Tape for Flow&Neos)
  • Neodyme (strong magnets! but Neodymium is a mouthful…)
  • Fuse
  • […]Mesh
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I like HydroScript (fluids in motion)

Hey everybody,

my 2 cents: Would be great to not have “script” in there, I agree with Christopher there as well :smile:

All the best,

Aero is Microsoft to me, DuctScript is (like GlueScript) too hacky, Mesh would be about p2p somehow. Breeze is nice. And then you configure the rendering in Breeze…

But, what happened to Neoscript? Still ike that, somehow, even though it has script in it.

Neoscript would sound like you can only use it with Neos.

“Breeze” sounds nice and also “Flowscript” / “Flowlang” would be ok.

I’m also not sure about calling it *script. According to wikipedia:

script language is a programming language that supports scripts, programs written for a special run-time environment that can interpret (rather than compile) and automate the execution of tasks

I don’t think typoscript matches those description, so I think it would be better to have it named something more semantically correct.

IMHO the requirements for the new name (and I think it should get a new name):

  • Semantically correct
  • No mix up in google with other misleading topics (similar languages, etc.)
  • Descriptive of the role it fulfills
  • Easy to remember
  • Probably nothing with Neos in it, as I can remember it can be used for other purposes
  • If it’s an abbreviation, it should not be something bad like a disease

So my suggestions are:

  • RECOL (Rendering configuration language)
  • RELANG (Rendering language)
  • PREL (Presentation language)

This one just popped into my mind: FlowPipes -> since it allows for more control of the flow of all these fluids :smile:

Something that starts with an F?
So it can be: Flow, Fluid & F…

My suggestion: NeosConnect

What I always liked about the name Typoscript was that it’s clearly connected to TYPO3.
I think we should go that way for a new name.
And though it might not be correct in terms of definition I like Flowscript the most because it’s clearly connected to Flow and script is something that is - I think at least for most people - something technical that describes some code routines or whatever one might call it.

And even if you look at the description that @hhoechtl posted I think you could argue that it might be a Script.
It is a program that is written for a special “run-time environment” (=Flow) that can interpret and automate stuff?

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I suggest we use the word “Dux”.

Here’s the thought behind the word: The purpose of TypoScript is to guide Fluid.

Imagine two rivers flowing together. One river is “Fluid” the other is content from TYPO3CR. Sadly the name “confluence”, which means the joining of two rivers is taken. :wink: But, it’s not the joining of the rivers that we care about. It’s the channel they flow in. The riverbanks guide and direct the rivers. That’s what TypoScript does, it guides the meeting of those two rivers. And riverbanks can be very “hierarchical” in that they can be high or low, and they can divide a river into many tributaries, so something that guides liquid, or guides fluid, would be perfect.

Enter, Google Translate. Here is the English to Latin translation of “guide fluid”:

dux fluidi

Dux looks almost like “ducts”. Ducts are often used to move some kind of fluid (which according to physics includes liquids, gases, and plasmas). Heating ducts move air, which is a kind of fluid. Aquaducts move water. Etc. So the idea of a channel or duct fits within the “Fluid” “Flow” water-ish motif.

The word “dux”, however, is not as common as “duct”, making it easier to search for it. Unlike the latin “ductus” (the origin of the English word duct), “dux” is the origin of the English word “duke”. The latin definition of dux is: leader, commander, general, prince, ruler, or duke.

TypoScript leads fluid. It commands, guides, and rules it. It is a commander, a marshaller, a director, and many other words that are overused and have too many layers of meaning (at least within the world of technology). “Dux” is a fairly clean slate.

The word is short, and I think it has a nice ring to it. So, how about “Dux”, or perhaps FlowDux?


Wow, so many suggestions!
My preference: short, single word name, without “script” in it.
So far Glue, Breeze and Dux match.


What about Fudge - Something sticky and tastes declicious -> see

… and it starts with F

Here comes another on: Derived from goo -> floo (the flow/fluid goo)

I know that many has pointed out that TypoScript is really not a scripting language, but if we name it FlowScript it would be easy to explain what it really is for people who know TYPO3 CMS - FlowScript is a bit like TypoScript - just way better.

I also like the idea that the name clearly indicates that it has something to do with Flow.


Equally which name is chosen please stay away from any variant of “script”. Understanding that TypoScript is no scripting language has always been one of the strangest parts in leaning TYPO3. Beside of that i’m fine with pretty much every name that is short.


I like FlowPipes… But please, don’t use script.