Replace MAMP with Docker!?

does anybody know a way to replace MAMP-pro with docker?

Found devilbox : but extremely slow with Neos

Have tried 3 days to find some working solution. Found a good solution (without neos) devilbox. Unfortunately this is not working well with Neos. It is extremely slow. I guess the reason are the shared-folders (Volumes) used in mac osx slow down into a unbearable system. Maybe to use the much faster «docker-sync» would be a way. But I can’t find a working solution to use docker-sync in devilbox.

Sugestions | Good solutions?

Maybe I’m looking in a completely wrong direction. Would great to have a docker-solution with easy to create vHost’s and comparable fast development system as MAMP (maybe with docker-sync shared-concept).

Does anybody know a docker or app for this?

Hey, you should check out this thread: [WIKI] List of Neos/Flow Docker images
Also in terms of vHosts and stuff there’s a lot of documentation by webdevops as far as I know.