Setting up neos form backend module

Sadly there is no tutorial how to setup Can anybody help me how to get the backend module up and running?
When I install this package, I expect to have a backend module which is integrated into the the neos backend automatically but there is none.

Do I also need or ?

I’m sorry to tell you that this is a wrong assumption. The Form package doesn’t come with any UI components (it doesn’t even contain any controllers).
The Form Builder is a “standalone” Flow package. It comes with it’s own UI and should be usable next to Neos but it is not an integration. See for more details.
The SimplyAdmire.Neos.FormBuilderBundle package was meant as integration but I don’t know whether it works with recent versions.

See Best capable Form-Builder for Neos for a related discussion

Thank you very much already for explaining. What I’m trying to do is to setup the form builder like in the screenshot in the link that you posted. Unfortunately there is no documentation how to get it running.

The form package itself is just a php form builder similar like formhandler for TYPO3?

Here a quick setup guide (because I recently did that):

You must add the typo3/formbuilder as well as the simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle as composer dependencies, because the simplyadmire package requires a dev version of formbuilder, you must specify both or you get a minimum-stability error from composer. Because it’s untagged, I always specify the latest commit hash, so I can be sure not to accidentically perform an incompatible update:

    "typo3/formbuilder": "dev-master#7b7ea57227749af6d24a875172067884804d54e8",
    "simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle": "dev-master#3dfa04a4b4746c4be6d00f57db682e4dcee76eed",

Then you add the following at the end of your topmost Configuration/Routes.yaml:

  name: 'SimplyAdmire.Neos.FormBuilderBundle'
  uriPattern: '<SimplyAdmireNeosFormBuilderBundleSubroutes>'
      package: SimplyAdmire.Neos.FormBuilderBundle

And that’s it. The module shows up in your Neos backend and you can access the formbuilder from that module.