Showing team member origin on

As suggested during the retrospective (Neos Project Retro - Sprint Vienna - November 2017) I looked into displaying the “origin” of each team member on the Neos website.

It turned out we do that already, albeit a bit hidden… in the modal showing details:

So, one way to make that more visible could be:

Some thoughts:

  • initially I thought about showing a country flag, but the data we already have is “clear text country names”
  • seeing the countries in the list makes it painfully clear that we are very much a “german” project
  • I’ll look into creating a map displaying that information if I find some time and we actually want to show the locations more prominent than now

I added the country to those members that didn’t have it set and we have people from Germany and one each from:

  • Austria
  • Cambodia
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
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I like, but I would prefer a flag or at least
<Name> (<Country>)
<Name> from <Country>

For me this feels very weird, especially with the state that we have. It puts emphasis on this uniformity and the country. It shouldn’t matter which country you come from…


Well, during the sprint it felt like it could show how diverse we are in that regard. Because for me the project doesn’t feel “german”. But… that was wrong, it seems. :confused:

And even if where you come from doesn’t matter (in the sense of making you more worthy), it’s still very common to talk about where your team members / event attendees / … come from. If that was as irrelevant, why mention it on those occasions?

That being said, I’m fine with leaving the website as it is now…

I somehow second what Christian said when looking at the screenshot. It really seems to have an opposite effect over what is intended…

What could maybe work a bit better is to just have a list of the countries somewhere on top of the site:

Meet the Team (Germany, Russia, Austria, Cambodia, Denmark, Switzerland)

maybe a bit better presented, I’m really bad at this :confused:

This is the problem of transparency, you can not lie :wink:

Let’s show the contry only for non german people :unicorn:

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We could show a map with origins and without any weighting:

Would be nicer if contributions could also be shown, but I don’t think we have this data.

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Hm. That’s quite nice. I thought about pins, but like this it’s not as “bad”.

Depends on what you mean by contribution. We have an attribute for that, just noone has it filled with data (it would be just a sentence/string as it is now.)

With contributions I meant countries from which code was committed to the project.
Like transferring the contributor list to the map with a different color.

I don’t think this would be a good measure for anything to show public, because committing code is only one aspect of contributing to the Neos project, that is IMO in no way more important than the others. If one is interested in code contribution statistics, it’s ok to go to github, but let’s not overemphasize that by putting it on the website.

PS: I do like the map to visually show what I suggested with the list of countries :slight_smile:

I like how @dimaip has quite a big impact on the world map :wink:


I like the map too. Maybe we could (later on) auto generate a list based on github users, and then extend that list with non-coding contributors.

And we should only count Denmark or the states for Aske :wink: Not all the countries he contributed from… :smiley: