Starting the branding process

After we figured out different options, discussed the process in Slack, Discourse and during the Neos Sprint in Frankfurt, we are now ready to get our hands dirty. Here’s a quick overview and status update.

Participants / Decisions

ZWEI14 a creative agency from Baden Württemberg, offered to take over big parts of the creation of the brand, including logo, font and color selection and donate their work to the Neos Project. @rasmusskjoldan will help us by providing a briefing to ZWEI14 and looking at and discussing the results. @fheinze will oversee the branding project
for the Neos Team and assist ZWEI14 and Rasmus when something needs to be researched, agreed upon with the Neos Team and so on.

At some point there will be decisions to be taken, and asking more than a dozen people how they like the logo or colors, can slow down the process immensely. Therefore I suggest that we appoint people who can take decisions on behalf of the Neos Project and we make sure that, even though they might have the last word, suggestions of the Neos Team are taken into account wherever possible. More concretely, I suggest that Florian, Rasmus and me would form that little delegation team (please give feedback in this thread if that is okay or not okay with you).

Next Steps

We’ll organize a Hangout next week where Rasmus and the folks at ZWEI14 have a first talk about what Rasmus has in mind and what ZWEI14 needs as a briefing. @fheinze and me keep you updated in this category as soon as there’s anything to discuss or decide upon.


Fine for me if you take any decisions and make sure this goes as smoothly and fast as possible.

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Sounds good to me as long as you keep communicating the process as it has been recently and pull in for responses when they make sense. Branding is a delicate process and very “opinionated” so giving a chance to influence/give suggestions would help everyone interested in the matter feel closer connected to the outcome.

And thanks to everyone involved for taking care of this matter, much appreciated. Go rock that brand!


Yesterday we had our first briefing together with Rasmus and ZWEI14. ZWEI14 will now prepare some more questions for Rasmus and then get the ideas flowing :wink: We will keep on working in short cyles and keep you posted. If there are questions, I will be here to answer them :slight_smile: