Team Minions | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-11-10

attending: Rens, Ben, Daniel, Robert, Karsten, Dmitri

###What are we doing:

  • Ben, behind schedule (posting last minutes from previous meeting)

  • Rens, rebased ckeditor wip of sebastian & improvements of the ldap package / this week focusing on (sucked into daily things, challenge on focus on neos)

  • Dimitry, hard time finding time for neos, (karsten helped rebase help messeges feature) psr2 thing adapting, netxt ig support feature / wizard thing, asking for reviewing.
    How to add things to the minion board;

  • Karsten, last week moved job queue packages to githbub (see discourse channel)
    priotizer meeting. Next thursday new meeting.

  • Ask karsten directly on how to use the board / protocol;

  • kitchen duty / neos inboxes checking

  • working on security things

  • Daniel, no big news / a bit reviewing elastic search adapter , working on flow improvement for customer, no plans yet for the

  • Robert, working on workspaces (pull request ready but not ready for merge) new meeting with the branding dude. (posted in channel)

  • organizing fundraising
  • minor things on hosting neos
  • feeling we not yet arrived in team structure
  • 2.1 release will be in trouble releasing it in time, can team minions do this.

Project release neos 2.1

Team minions want’s this project

  • Release 2.1;

Need to summarise the topic on the release

Question from the priotizers:

Ask the team what they think about “Rotating the kitchen duties between teams”

Teams says:
A Weekly rotation sounds good.
Daniel mentioned that we need access to mail boxes , Karsten said that this will be arranged.

Next meeting :
16 november 12:15