Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-03

Participants: @aertmann, @berit, @kdambekalns

Working with JIRA

Aske shared the idea he and @daniellienert came up with regarding a possible JIRA setup:

  • every team has one sprint to use for the team board
  • whether or not that sprint is scoped or used indefinitely is up to the teams
  • every team has an additional sprint to use as a team backlog
  • there is another sprint used as a backlog of approved items ready to be pulled into a team
  • the “real” JIRA backlog is used as a container for everything else not filed anywhere
  • projects will be epics or stories in a team sprint, depending on their size and/or team preference

Aske will set up this structure for his team so other teams can have a look and adopt that system if they like it.

Inbox handling

We have three Zendesk Inbox accounts currently (for hello|ops| We discussed changing that setup again and will come up with a seperate RFC to discuss and decide that.

Kitchen duties

After some discussion we agreed on the following, which we will discuss in the teams to gather feedback and make sure this is a way the teams would accept:

  • we have three kinds of kitchen duties: JIRA tickets, pull requests, incoming mails
  • we rotate the responsibility for those kinds around the teams in some timed interval (a week, or two?)
  • in that interval a team is responsible for making sure that part of the kitchen is kept clean: make sure emails are answered, tickets are triaged and PRs are given feedback
  • the prioritizer makes sure the team fulfills the task, assigns stuff and kicks butts if needed

A team doesn’t have to fix/finish/do everything that comes in, but must keep the “queues” as clean and uncluttered as possible. Our goal must be to at least react on every contribution within a reasonable timeframe, so contributors don’t perceive the project as a black hole!

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