Team Unicorn | Protocol: Team meeting | 2015-10-19

TEAM Unicorn - Kickoff Team Meeting, 2015-10-19

Participants: Berit, Christopher, Dominique, Christian, Sebastian, Alexander
Missing: nobody

Team Name

As decided already in Slack: Team Unicorn

Get to know each other


  • around since 2010
  • all kinds of tasks, be around for the community


  • around since 2013
  • first Flow, now Neos as well
  • help out wherever I can :slight_smile:


  • around since 2008
  • did many prototypings, conference talks, implementing FE rendering, JavaScript UI
  • currently involved with our newborn son :wink:


  • also involved with newborn son :wink:
  • Neos team involvement started with backend CSS / HTML; now Communication, Website, …
  • currently: relaunch of website is area I am working on


  • around 2012, work with Extbase, then Flow / Fluid
  • working on Flow projects as well at work
  • having a small kid (2 years old :slight_smile: )


  • around since the beginning
  • Creator of Fluid and involved in frontend rendering (TypoScript) and JS (Ember)
  • looking forward to the future :slight_smile:



Prioritizer: Berit, Sebastian
Synchronizer: Christian


Prioritizer: Berit
Synchronizer: Christian

Specific next steps

  • idea: have a “work-in-progress-limit” for our team, so we do not get distracted too much but rather focus on specific tasks

We already want to start working on $somethings while the team setup is still taking place. The following things are our todo list:

Longer-Term Ideas where we’d like to help:

  • JS Refactoring (longer-term)

Next meeting(s)

Next week, there’ll be a doodle for finding the date.