UI Visual Loudness

In relation with Design System for the Neos products

One point where the current UI as trouble is Visual Loudness

The UI is “dogmaticly” flat, so all the information have the same weight for the user and it’s hard to see the hierarchy of the UI.

On many places we even have visual conflict, like on the screen shot, bellow. A modal ask something to the user, it can choose to “throw away” … the orange button, but the upper left corner … also use the orange color code, with the same type of button, … and this time it’s for publishing :wink: And at the same time the system ask the user for an invalid property in the inspector :wink: The modal offer the apply button (disabled, but with any visible reason), but the apply button of the inspector is disabled because of the validation error. Quiet some stuff to demotivate our user, and at least to make the user unconfortable with the UI.

How a use can understand what is important here ?

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