Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-10-26

Participants: Gina Steiner, Aske Ertmann, Christian Müller, Tobias Gruber

TODOs review

  • Synchronizers: meeting will happen today at 3pm
  • Transition team: COP descriptions are quite good already
  • Gina: COP descriptions will be ready next Monday
  • Tobi: news about team forming is in draft mode, will be ready tonight/tomorrow

Prioritizers Meeting

  • Notes are in Discourse
  • went over the definitions of projects, tasks, kitchen duties
  • How is a project created and accepted? - initial guidelines created
  • Talked about Jira boards, how to set them up, get help from Daniel Liehnert
  • teams have already started working

How are we picking up speed? How do we feel about progress?

  • energy is there but not focussed yet
  • in-between state

How are the team meetings going?

  • teams have defined regular meetings
  • no retrospectives scheduled yet - needs to happen - suggestion: start with bi-weekly (collect topics in tickets tagged with categories)
  • difference between retrospectives and daily/weekly meetings
  • weekly
    • no discussions
    • iterate over the tickets on the board (not the people), backwards by column (done -> in progress) -> is there any change? if not, do we need help?
    • look at the prioritized work to be done
    • is any new work pulled?
    • TODO Synchronizer:-> we need boards for this
    • TODO Synchronizer/Prioritizer: who takes care of which boards for overall/the teams -> will do a meeting to discuss guidelines/rule of thumbs
  • retrospective
    • discussions
    • which impediments do we face?
    • do we need to change anything?
    • Suggestion: have an experienced person attend the first retrospectives
    • Suggestion: start the retrospective asking everyone how they feel in 2 words
    • TODO Synchronizers: take meeting/retrospective discussion into teams

Discussion about COPs

  • TODO: Gina will work on the list until 2nd Nov 2015 and update the channel descriptions to reflect the COP guidelines
  • existing COPs have a channel
  • TODO transition team: discuss what goes in a COP news to inform the community about them in next meeting
  • TODO Gina: have a look at New name for "COP" an join the discussion
  • TODO Aske: promote the New name for "COP" discussion to invite additional participation