Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-11-09

Neos Transition Team Meeting 9th Nov 2015

Participants: Aske, Christian, Gina, Tobias

Previous meeting notes: https://discuss.neos.io/t/minutes-transition-team-meeting-2015-11-02/607

Minutes - 9th Nov 2015

Participants: Christian, Aske, Gina, Tobias

Description of the team structure

  • draft ready and good to go
  • TODO Tobi: put it on the neos.io website as a page

Projects for the teams


  • council meeting is scheduled for 10th Nov

Transition Team Board

  • TODO: Dominique will set it up with Daniel

Small addendum, the prioritizers should ensure that the move from Gerrit is done and thus also make sure a solution for the non-team member changes is found, not necessarily decide how it’s done.