Neos 2.3 and Flow 3.3 LTS Release Plan

Neos 2.3 and Flow 3.3 LTS Release Plan

All information related to the upcoming LTS release for Flow and Neos. We need your help to make this first LTS release awesome. The release is planned for end of august, the focus is stability and easing the transition to the next major version More information

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@christianm and me will try to do our best to be the Release Managers with the help of the Unicorns and you.

Goals of the LTS

  • Stability (bugfix)
  • Prepare upgrade to the next major (namespace, …)
  • Better handling of environnement variable (to make it easier to configure Flow in Docker like environnements)

Open PR

At the beginning of @christianm and me spend some time to check all open PR and we create a new tag to flag PR that we think are important for the next LTS:

Flow + Neos

Jira Issue

Check the board Board

Flow + Neos

Open Questions & Discussions

  • Next major, PHP7 only ?? Need discussion in the team
  • Package naming, namespaces etc. preparation (step 1)

Help wanted

It’s summer and a sunny one, so we need more and more your help, please focus on things needed by the LTS, project related to the next major can start again in September.

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