RFC: Change the way Zendesk Inbox is set up

Continuing the discussion from Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-03:

Currently there are three seperate Zendesk Inbox accounts, one for the hello, ops and security emails each.

When we discussed handling of the “email kitchen duty” we realized

  • that having all team members in all those would be a hassle, but we need that so items can be assigned
  • we need to be able to “pull” items for a team (not an individual)

So we came up with two ideas:

Unify those seperate accounts into one account that has multiple inboxes (one for each address)

Why are there seperate accounts for thos addresses currently? Because security needs to be locked down more than general communication, thus we would keep that seperate. For the ops address similar concerns exist: password resets and similar data will be sent there, so again security concerns came up.

Since the amount of mails that come in at those two addresses is rather small (and in case of the ops address it’s mostly “expected right now”), we concluded this could very well be left as is. The monitoring of the security and ops inboxes would thus be the responsibility of the security and operations people (whoever that is).

Create another inbox for each team in the hello account

  • this allows to assign items to this “team” inbox for team members to pick them
  • this could also be used to actually give each team it’s own email address

The questions thus are:

  1. Is the use of seperate Inbox accounts for the hello, ops, security addresses ok?
  2. Is the suggested handling of the hello inbox (team boxes, assignments) ok?
  3. Who is the ops people and who is the security people?

Hey everybody,

Yes, all really good ideas :smile:

All the best,