Team Unicorn | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-11-06

Attendees: Christian, Dominique, Christopher, Berit

Berit tells us about the prioritizer meeting ( Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-03 )

Working with Jira

We will wait until team Tiga set up their board and based on that create our board and start to add tickets for the first project to find out how it feels to work with that approach.

Working with kitchen duties

We accept the ideas from the prioritizers meeting to rotate the three areas of kitchen duties (Zendesk Inbox, Github PRs, Jira tickets) between the teams. We plan to talk about open Kitchen duties within our weekly meetings and assign those between the team members. We make clear that it’s not about reviewing everything only within that certain team but about giving feedback to people and get stuff going.

Support channels / Zendesk Inbox
Karsten created an RFC to discuss/decide whether the hello/ops/ Inboxes should be merged or be kept independently: RFC: Change the way Zendesk Inbox is set up

Action Points:

  • Next meeting: Christian will ask the missing team members whether friday 12 CET could work out as regular meeting time
  • Continue working on the current tasks (RFCs, Project proposals)
  • Have a look at team Tigas board as far as it’s set up