Spending available 2020 budget

Hey Neos team members and community. According to our bookkeepers (thx Marika & Tobi) we currently have around 10k€ available in our piggy bank.
Additional 5k€ are already reserved for the Neos release in December.

As every year it would be a pity to let too much of that go to taxes…

So, please propose ideas how to spend some of the money for the Neos project. Please answer the questions posted in “How is a budget requested?” with your proposal: Guideline: How to apply for a budget from the Neos Project

Still running projects in need of funding:

We will collect additional suggestions until 14th December 2020 and vote on the suggested topics afterwards.
Due to 2020 we are a bit late with this voting and as the year is almost over, we also have a bit less time available for suggestions.



You mean December, I guess?

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Fixed thx :slight_smile:
Have to work on my copy & paste skills


Get the money rolling :money_mouth_face:

I think of there are no other suggestions, the two mentioned projects could get the money…

Maybe, if it would be of any help, we could finalize the Update of neos.io with some monetary help? E.g. if we could buy some time with @daniellienert… I guess I spent two days on the update so far, but for the remaining ES issues help would be needed.

@bwaidelich I just checked my timelog, btw, and so far have ~42 hours booked on Neos this December, most of which is somehow related to the release (reviews, tooling, …). Well, maybe subtract two or three days I was working on the Doctrine stuff from that. Just in case that has any relevance here. :slight_smile:

@kdambekalns, sorry there is no time that could be bought at the moment :wink:

Seriously, I really would like to help! My problem last time I wanted to look into it, was to set up a local dev environment.

Maybe a little one-day-sprint to work with some volunteers on the topic would get things done.

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I had pinged @bwaidelich regarding the release budget (and whether more was needed). But from what I understood he wanted to use the 5k that are reserved and get in touch with the people who invested a lot of time.
Plz correct me if I’m wrong.

I will also help again with the website in 2021. But already put more time than I wanted into it this year.

We should also throw some budget at the topic in 2021 so we can achieve a more regular maintenance and maybe some performance improvements…


It’s all running after a beach start, so that should not be a problem… Having a sprint around that topic sounds good, though.

tbh I greatly underestimated the work that goes into a major release, so we might have to consider a bigger budget for future major versions. OTOH I’m convinced that we can substantially reduce the workload with a better overall process (I’ll write down some ideas at some point). (Lack of) money definitely wasn’t the issue here.

I did that in the meantime and will ask them to write invoices.

How should the budget be distributed
  • 5k Neos CR / 5k Media UI
  • 4k Neos CR / 4k Media UI / 2k Neos.io update
  • 3k Neos CR / 3k Media UI / 2k Neos.io / 2k additional 7.0 release budget
  • None of the above - more discussion needed

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Ok the result is locked in. Thx everybody for voting and feedback.

I’ll forward the info to the budget owners and our piggy bank managers.