Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-10-27

TEAM TIGA - Kickoff Team Meeting, 2015-10-27

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Markus Sebastian H., Tobias
Missing: nobody

Info from Prioritizers meeting (Aske)

Had some meetings
Decided to try out the “activity log” (general (Activity log: General (non-team related)) and per-team(Activity log: Team Tiga))

Everyone should track activity in the team-log and read it up before each team meeting


  • all projects should be proposed
  • be voted upon
  • there’s a new category on discuss which is describing it

Kitchen Duties:

  • one mailing queue (some work to do)
  • plan to assign queues to teams
  • Reviews
  • Release bugfix
  • migrating gerrit reviews

=> disuss this further

keep going reports
every one/ two weeks a team is assinged to write a report
first team is Team Unicorns

Info from Synchronizers meeting (Tobias)

teams are eager to start work
concerns about availabality for synchronising
more synchronising with Prioritizers

Info from Transition team (Aske & Tobias)

Gina told about differences between working meetings and retrospectives
Suggestion: Invite a 3rd party person that has experience with retrospectives
Agreement in the team

Plan retrospective

When will we have our first retro?
Aske: not before we have a jira board and started working

Can we pull a team project? which one?

  • Content Security improvements

  • major missing parts UI integration of ACL
    “groups” concept

  • make it easier to use for integrators/editors

  • wizards for solving common tasks (ACL builder, …)

  • asset related ACLs

  • => Andi will coordinate/announce a kick-off meeting

  • Website

    • Implementation/Integration (Aske)
    • Content (Tobias)
    • News articles
    • Newsletter
    • Teampage neos website (Bastian, Andi)
    • use CROWD with groups for that display members
    • => Aske will coordinate/announce a kick-off meeting

How to pull a project:

Create a (short) proposal, wait for feedback, no objections -> create/take over epic, create tasks, add to team board as soon as it’s up


Markus: might be offline for 2 or 3 weeks because he’s moving home