Activity log: General (non-team related)

This thread invites everyone who contribute to the project in any way to share what they’ve done for the project to make contributions and progress more visible.

Examples of activity can be writing an article, issue related activity, working on a design, reviewing a change, pushing a change, creating an RFC or project proposal, writing copy for the website, taking care of continous delivery, server maintenance etc. If you feel like you did something to help the project and feel like sharing, please do.

For each team there are specific activity logs to be used for team related activity.

These logs are used for keeping track of progress in the project.

Feel free to share for yourself and those you’ve collaborated with.

Please keep it short and link to additional information if possible. Only state what has been done, not future plans.

This thread is not meant as a discussion thread, so please refrain from commenting on posts, asking questions and requesting feedback. Feel free to show appreciation by giving likes.

For those curious, this replaces the reporting part of our previous irregular scrum meetings.

In July we receive 1’000 € from Christoph Köppel for the code sprint.

Last Tuesday we organized the inauguration of our new office, so I took the opportunity to invite Christoph, and meet him in person. This guy is fantastic, it’s not a coder, not in the web business, but learn coding by using Flow (version 1.0) for their own business needs (house building, sanitation, …). He love a lots how we work (sharing, passion, …) so he try to support the project.

Nice story that I think it’s important to share with you

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First log entry is going be quite long due to the fact I’ve spent ~225 hours since our last scrum meeting September 9th.

Github move related (~60 hours)

  • Created Flow development distribution
  • Upmerge remaining repositories (distributions)
  • New log script based on Github pull requests for Neos & Flow
  • Adjust release scripts & Jenkins jobs for Neos & Flow (tagging, Github release with archives)
  • Cleanup/streamline distributions and update composer manifests
  • Enable Behat tests in Travis for Neos & Flow
  • Adjust minified resources built Jenkins job to Github
  • Add and streamlines badges in development collection repositories/branches
  • Add missing Readme to remaining repositories/branches
  • Add missing license information to remaining repositories/branches
  • Disabled Travis email notifications and set up Slack notifications instead



  • Release patch releases for 2.0 & 1.2

  • Wrote various sections on the new contribution guideline

  • Adjust demo site deployments to Github

  • Wrote a draft for a general show support campaign – awaiting feedback

  • Merged branches in SEO package and released 1.0.6

  • Create news listing for

  • Updated #bot-twitter channel to not display retweets and show tweets with @neoscms as well

  • Cleaned up Slack integrations

  • Participated in code sprint (~60 hours), several discussion threads, several meetings

  • Did reviews and mail inboxes / Travis maintenance

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What I did:

  • Created downloadable files of the transitional Neos logo and offered those as downloads on the website
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  • Added DNSSEC to
  • Added some additional links to the news archive on
  • Updated Jenkins (important security releases) and plugins

Last week I created and finalized the team graphics for the team structure page on and sent those to Christian for his Meet Neos talk and Tobias to add it on the website.