Activity log: Team Tiga

Team Tiga specific activity log for all team related activity. For non-team related activity, please use the general activity log. Follow same guidelines as the general log.

This is to make team meeting more efficient and activity reporting asynchronous.

  • Met with the other prioritizers for a couple of hours across two meetings (notes)

  • Set up activity logs (general and for each team)

  • In contact with Daniel about setting up Jira boards based on outcome from the prioritizers meeting.

  • met with other synchronizers (notes)
  • published news article about team forming
  • some tweets
  • discussions in brand COP with Robert and Florian

Met with Basti and Christian: We came up with some first ideas for security related project proposals: Team Tiga | Protocol: Meeting "Project Proposals for Security Improvements" | 2015-10-28

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  • Uploaded first draft of AssetConstraints (as 3rd party package to gather more experience) (NEOS-32)

  • Had another look at the crowd API to see how the “automatic team page” could work (COM-41)

  • Migrated/Abandoned some Gerrit changes (NEOS-1657)

  • Went through Neos PRs without feedback, tbc (NEOS-1682)

  • Kitchen duties: Answered FLOW-418 and resolved FLOW-417

Feedback on [FEATURE] Asynchronous thumbnail generation would be much appreciated

Need reviews to finish

  • wrote blog article for Meet Neos Zurich on, tweeted about it
  • published Facebook picture album about Meet Neos
  • spoke with lawyer about CIC as a possible entity type
  • prepared Inspiring Con abstract for product vision talk with Christopher

Rebased [FEATURE] Asynchronous thumbnail generation – need help with reviews to finish this before the 2.1 release on Tuesday, only docs are missing

Related to that feedback on would be useful (also just missing docs)

  • Worked on and sent in talk proposal for Inspiring Con 2016

Time for another update, it’s been almost a month so did lots of things :smile:

Thumbnail Generator Strategy for advanced thumbnails

Asynchronous thumbnail generation


Contextual help texts



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Been doing a bunch of stuff again lately, here’s an update.

Currently nothing more planned, except getting existing pull requests merged and released.