UI Visual Language, a high level view

In relation with Design System for the Neos products

Some raw research on our UI visual language. It’s an experiment and contains some proposals to make think more easy to discover by the user. We need to define naming and meaning for each area. Bellow it’s mostly a brain dump of my research.

Naming of the different areas

The naming should be use by everyone (designers, uxers, frontenders, …) and we must communicate this vocabulary with the editors, integrators, … (the term must be visible in the interface when possible)


This part should be used only for navigation (tree, action list, navigation sequence, …)

The navigation should give access in unified way to Content Navigation (document tree, content tree, …) Action Navigation (create a new post, …) and backend module. The navigation can be filtered, bookmarked, … (but this a a topic for a more low level mockup)

Action Toolbar

This are at the top of the screen, where the user can publish or access other action (provided by the core or external package, like Preview Central, Notifications, …)

Action Toolbar Panel

Advanced configuration of actions visible the Action Toolbar (like the selection of the Preview mode)


Allow to access metadata (sort of structured editing), or static metadata (analytics, dashboard), the inspector is ALWAYS in relation with the currently selected content.

The inspector can also host custom mode (graph editing, …).

Secondary Inspector

Advanced options offered by editors visible in Inspector (like the Media selection)

Fullscreen Inspector

This concept does not exist currently

Should be the host of custom backend module, that does not needs the Inspector

Content View

Where content can be edited/managed/curated (inline editing, raw content mode, structured editing, …)

Contextual Action Toolbar

Host actions related to the current status/selection of the Content View (Editor toolbar, …)

Minimalistic Interface

Navigation + Inspector

Action Toolbar Panel

Secondary Inspector

Fullscreen Inspector